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EAMAC Website Capacity-Building and Asian Monsoon Monitoring Services

The East Asian monsoon activity centre (EAMAC) was assigned by WMO in 2006, and mainly providing monitoring information of East Asian Monsoon and gathering and processing data employed in research activities on Asian Monsoon, also doing operational prediction and training related to Asian monsoon. Beijing Climate Centre attaches the development of the EAMAC, officially opened the portal monsoon website in the spring of 2012. EAMAC played an important role in Asian regional monsoon monitoring and climate information services. EAMAC portal monsoon website systematic evaluated the major domestic and foreign monsoon indices and set up the relationship with Asian region precipitation and convective activity, and analyzed the various monsoon indices on different time scales. EAMAC Carried out real-time monitoring of the Asian summer monsoon circulation system, and focused on the Asian summer monsoon in different regions of the onset stage of the process of change of the amount of physical diagnosis, described the Asian summer monsoon advances, interruption, withdrawal and other activities characteristics. Meantime, EAMAC developed real-time monitoring of the Asian-Australian monsoon system, the American monsoon system, the African monsoon system. New feature of the website was to provide the service functions, such as data download and documentation download.
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