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What`s New

Eighth Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII)

5-7 April 2012, Beijing China


April 5 (Thursday), 2012
Location:1st Floor, CMA Conference Center
Opening Ceremony (09:00-09:30)

Chair:   SONG Lianchun
09:00-09:10 Welcome address by Dr. XU Xiaofeng, Deputy Administrator of CMA
09:10-09:15 Address by SU Guangming, Representative of SAFEA
09:15-09:20 Address by WANG Caifang, Representative of WMO RTC
09:25-10:00 Group Photo and Tea Break

Session 1User Interface Program — Opportunity, Challenge and Implementation (10:00-11:50)

Chair:   CHAO Qingchen
10:00-10:15  On the Attributes and Challenges of Regional Climate Services
Francis ZWIERS, Victoria University, Canada
10:15-10:30 Tailored Seasonal Forecasts for Climate Risk Management
10:30-10:40 "The Advisory Panel on Extreme Climate Events" Consisting of Climate Dynamic Experts in Japan
Shuhei MAEDA, JMA, Japan
10:40-10:50  Application of Climate Information in Agriculture
LV Guohua, Ministry of Agriculture, China
10:50-11:00 Application of Climate Information in Disaster Reduction and Relief
ZHANG Peng, NDRC, China
11:00-11:15 BCC Improving Climate Science and Technology at Professional and Service Level for Agriculture
JIANG Tong, BCC/CMA, China
11:15-11:50 Discussion

Lunch (12:00-13:30)

Location:2nd Floor, CMA Conference Center
Session 2: Invited Lectures (13:30-17:50)

Chair:   Francis ZWIERS
13:30-14:00 Recent Advances in Seasonal Forecasting at the Met Office Hadley Centre
Christopher GORDON, Met Office, UK
14:00-14:30 Update of Climate Modeling at MRI/JMA
14:30-15:00 Dynamics of Western North Pacific Subtropical High Shaping Summer Monsoon and Tropical Storms
Bin WANG, Hawaii University, USA
15:00-15:30 Prediction of Asian Climate by the NCEP Climate Forecast System Version 2

15:30-16:00    Tea Break

Chair:   Bin WANG
16:00-16:30 A Numerical Study on Climate Effect of the Urbanization in the Yangtze River Delta
Zhaoxin Laurent LI, CNRS, France
16:30-17:00 Intraseasonal Predictability of Siberian High and East Asian Winter Monsoon and Its Inter-Decadal Variability
17:00-17:30 ENSO & MJO Predictions and Their Predictability
In-Sik KANG, SNU, Republic of Korea

Reception by BCC (18:00-20:00, at the 3rd floor of Hubei Hotel)

April 6 (Friday), 2012
Location:1st Floor, CMA Conference Center

Session 3: Impact and Physical Mechanism of Key External Factors for Climate Anomalies (09:00-12:00)
Chair:   Andrew W. ROBERTSON
09:00-09:15 Snow Cover Monitoring in Eurasia and the Tibetan Plateau during Winter 2011/2012
GUO Yanjun, BCC/CMA, China
09:15-09:30 Modulation of Western North Pacific Cyclogenesis by ENSO and MJO
ZHOU Wen, City University of Hong Kong, China
09:30-09:45 Primary Factors of Cold Winter 2011/2012 in East Asia
Shuhei MAEDA, JMA, Japan
09:45-10:00 Influence of Arctic Warming on Extratropical Climate Variation
Jong-Seong Kug, KORDI, Republic of Korea

Annual and Seasonal Climate Variability over India in Recent Years
K. Jaswal, IMD, India

10:15-10:30 Abrupt Transition of Arctic Oscillation in Winter 2011/12
Baek-Min Kim, KPRI, Republic of Korea

10:30-10:50    Tea Break

Oral Presentation

Chair:   CHEN Lijuan
10:50-11:05 The Features of East Asian Winter Monsoon in 2011/12 and Its Possible Impact
SUN Chenghu, BCC/CMA, China
11:05-11:20 The 100 Year Rainfall Variation over Thailand
Boonlert Archevarahuprok, TMD, Thailand
11:20-11:35 ENSO Monitoring and Prediction
HAN Rongqing, BCC/CMA, China
11:35-11:50 An introduction to Climate prediction, Climate Bulletin and Outlook in Vietnam
Nguyen Dang Mau, IMHEN, Viet Nam

Lunch (12:00-13:30)

Session 4Overview of Recent Climate and Climate Change
(13:30-15: 00)
 Location:1st Floor, CMA Conference Center

Chair:   Jinho SHIN
13:30-13:45 Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Modern Climatic Warming: Case Study of Northern Eurasia
Oleg Anisimov, Roshydromet, Russia
13:45-14:00 Characteristics of 2011/2012 Winter over Korea
Ehyung Park, KMA, Republic of Korea
14:00-14:15 Winter Drought of Central Part of Korea
Sun Hee Kim, KMA, Republic of Korea
14:15-14:30 Analysis of Climate Characteristics of Last Winter over the Yeongnam Region
Huijeong Son, KMA, Republic of Korea
14:30-14:45 Recent Trends of Intraseasonal Precipitation Variability in East Asia Summer Monsoon Region
Minho Kwon, KORDI, Republic of Korea
14:45-15:00 Climate Events and Impacts over China in 2011
LI Ying, BCC/CMA, China

15:00-15:20  Tea Break

Session 5Seasonal Climate Prediction of the Summer 2012 over East
Asia Area (15:20-18: 00)

Oral Presentation

Chair:   Shuhei MAEDA
15:20-15:30 Seasonal Prediction of Climate Trend on Summer 2012
Chris GORDON, Met Office, UK
15:30-15:40 Seasonal Prediction of Climate Trend on Summer 2012
GAO Hui, BCC/CMA, China
15: 40-15:50 Seasonal Outlook for 2012 Summer over Korea
Jinho Shin, KMA, Republic of Korea
15: 50-16:00 Seasonal Outlook for Summer 2012 over Japan
Shinya Hasegawa, JMA, Japan
16:00-16:10 Seasonal Outlook for 2012 Summer by Using MME
Hye-Jin Park, APCC, Republic of Korea
16:10-16:20 Seasonal Forecast for Summer 2012 for Hong Kong
Hangwai Tong, Hong Kong Observatory, China

16:20-16:40      Tea Break

Chair:   GAO Hui
16:40-16:50 Seasonal Prediction of Macao
Wong Ion Sam, SMG, Macao, China
16:50-17:00 Seasonal Forecast over Kazakhstan
Zhanat Satbaldiyeva, KAZHYDROMET, Kazakhstan
17: 00-17:10 Outlook of Summer Climate over DPR of Korea in 2012
Chol Min Kim, SHMA, DPRK
17: 10-17:20 Climate Review of Winter 2011-2012 and Seasonal Outlook for Summer 2012 over Mongolia
Buyantogtokh Batjargal, Mongolia
17: 20-17:30 Climate Prediction on Summer 2012 over Pakistan
DING Ting, BCC/CMA, China
17: 30-17:40 Seasonal Outlook for Summer 2012
Farkhod Abduzhaborov, Tajikistan
17: 30-17:40 Variability of Monsoon and Its Prediction in Bangladesh
S. M. Mahmudul Huque, BMD, Bangladesh
17:50-18:00 LAO/Indonesia

Dinner (18:00-20:00)

April 7 (Saturday), 2012
Session 6: 09:00-12 :00Location:1st Floor, CMA Conference Center

Chair:   Song YANG
09:00-09:30 Inter-decadal Weakening of the Asian Summer Monsoon and Its Future Change
DING Yihui, BCC/CMA, China
09:30-10:00 Impact of Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode on Spring Rainfall over South China and Rainfall Prediction of the Spring 2012
LI Jianping, IAP/CAS, China
10:00-10:30 Introduction of EAMAC Website
ZHOU Bing, BCC/CMA, China

10:30-11:00   Tea Break

Chair:   ZHANG Peiqun
11:00-11:20 Recent Development of TCC
11:20-11:40 Recent Development of APCC
Hye-Jin Park, APCC, Republic of Korea
11:40-12:00 Downscaling Ensemble Prediction System Based on Multi-model in Beijing Climate Center
KE Zongjian, BCC/CMA, China

Lunch (12:00-13:30)

Session 7: Discussion and Summary (13:30-14:30)
Location:1st Floor, CMA Conference Center

Chair: DING Yihui

A summary of predictions on Asian summer 2012 climate will be produced together by BCC/CMA, CPC/NOAA, IRI, JMA, KMA and other NMHSs from Asia.

Closing Remarks (14:30-14:50)
Chair: ZHANG Peiqun
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