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The eighth session of the FOCRAII

The eighth session of the FOCRAII, hosted by the Beijing Climate Centre of CMA, was successfully closed on 7 April 2012.
The Forum discussed the outputs from various climate prediction models (BCC/CMA, CPC/NOAA, IRI, Met Office/UK, JMA, and KMA) and used these outputs, to produce a ‘multi-centre’ seasonal climate outlook for the RA II region for summer (June-July-August) of 2012. The prediction was also partly based on the predictions by the participants from Bangladesh, China, China Hong Kong, China Macao, DPRK, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Thailand and Viet Nam, for their own countries/regions with various statistical methods. Indeed, several suggestions have been discussed to improve the prediction by taking into account of model skills, regional patterns, etc.
Regional Climate Forum is a key component in implementing the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS). Beijing Climate Centre is one of earliest Regional Climate Centres designated by WMO. It endeavors to fulfill its mandates by hosting the annual FOCRAII since 2005, hosting the annual International Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change since 2004, and conducting relevant training courses by itself or together with WMO Regional Training Centres in Nanjing.
More than 100 participants from 33 Members of WMO attend this forum. Through the platform of the FOCRAII provided by BCC, an enhancing network of climate experts and production of consistent predictions in this region may be expected.


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