First Announcement of the Tenth Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring,Assessment and Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII 2014)

Beijing, China, 23-25 April 2014


Asia (WMO RA II) is a vast continent with more than 50% of the world population and the largest number of people living below the poverty line. In the context of global climate change, Asia is experiencing high seasonal climate variability and frequent extreme events. It poses a great challenge to the food and water security, poverty eradication, health, economic and development activities, which are all highly climate-dependent. With the development of the Global Framework for Climate Services, the international community is becoming more aware of the role of climate service in managing the climate risks and exploring climate resources at every level of society.
As one of the first Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) in RA II designated by WMO EC-LXI in June 2009, the Beijing Climate Centre (BCC) also undertakes the responsibilities of the WMO East Asian Monsoon Activity Centre, Global Producing Centre for Long-range Forecasts and the Centre for Extreme Events Monitoring in Asia. It fulfills its international commitments by, among others, : (1) maintaining the RCC website (; (2) organizing the annual International Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change for young scientists; (3) organizing the annual Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII); (4) co-sponsoring International Training Seminar on Methods for Short-term Climate Prediction organized by WMO Regional Training Centre (RTC) Nanjing.
The annual FOCRAII was initiated in 2005 and nine sessions of FOCRAII have been successfully held since then. The forum focuses on seasonal to inter-annual climate prediction in Asia. It offers a review of the limitations and prospects of seasonal to inter-annual climate prediction methodologies and systems, and serves as a platform to share Asian climate prediction products and experience among the climate prediction centres in the world. FOCRAII also addresses the needs of RA II for climate monitoring, assessment prediction and applications (CliMAP).
The main objectives of the Tenth Session of the FOCRAII are:
1. To review the progress made in CliMAP programmes and activities both regionally and globally with a specific focus on the challenges and opportunities in seasonal to inter-annual climate prediction methodologies and systems unique to RA II.
2. To provide a platform for the Members of RA II to share and exchange experience and knowledge on CliMAP.
3. To build collaboration and partnerships among the Members of RA II in CliMAP programmes as  well as other international partners and activities.
4. To identify needs of Asian countries on RCOFs and climate products from RCCs through a dialog.
 Advances in seasonal to inter-annual climate prediction in Asia (including East Asian summer monsoon prediction);
 Advances in East Asian monsoon studies;
 Advances in climate system modeling in Asia;
 Tailored climate products/climate information application and services;
Scientists, policy makers, forecasters and journalists will be invited to participate in this forum and to submit abstracts of presentations and posters related to one of the forum themes.
Chair: Dr. ZHENG Guoguang
SONG Lianchun, CHEN Zhenlin, ZHOU Heng, ZHANG Qiang, CHAO Qingchen
Organizer and co-sponsors
The Forum will be organized by the Beijing Climate Centre, co-sponsored by WMO East Asian Monsoon Activity Centre (EAMAC) and CMA Training Centre, in collaboration with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of PRC. There is no registration fee for the participants.
Mr. SUN Yuan
FOCRAII Secretariat
Beijing Climate Centre, CMA
46 Zhongguancun Nandajie
Beijing 100081, China
Telephone: +86-10-58993467
Fax: +86-10-62179859
Important Dates
 10 March 2014: Deadline for submission of nomination form
 20 March 2014: Issue the second circular
 31 March 2014: Deadline for submission of abstracts
 22 April 2014: Registration
 23-25 April 2014: FOCRAII
Science and Technology Building
China Meteorological Administration
46 Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District
Beijing 100081, China
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