Programme (FOCRAII)

First Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring,  
Assessment and Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII)

Beijing Climate Center, Beijing, China

April 7-9, 2005

Thursday, April 7

08:30-09:10  Opening Ceremony                                       

Chairman: Deliang Chen

08:30-08:40   Welcome Address by CMA Representative
Xiaofeng Xu, Deputy Administrator of CMA
08:40-08:50   Address by WMO Representative (Penehuro Lefale)
08:50-09:00   Address by BCC Representative (Wenjie Dong)
09:00-09:10   Group Photo
09:10-12:05   Session I: Invited Lectures                               

Chairman: Wenjie Dong

09:10-09:50   Seasonal predictions for Asia (RAII) for April-August 2005 from the Met Office (GloSea)  and ECMWF (system2) models and a 2-model multi-model combination
 Richard Graham, Hadley Centre
09:50-10:30   Climate Prediction: Importance of Monitoring, Assessment, and Information Exchange
Song Yang, NCEP
10:30-10:45 Tea break

Chairman: Richard Graham

10:45-11:25   Regional Climate Modeling over South Asia and South America
Jianhua Qian, IRI
11:25-12:05   On the Status of the Japanese 25-year Reanalysis Project
Tomoaki Ose, JMA
12:20-13:30   Lunch
14:00-17:35   Session II: BCC Model and Products                       

Chairman: Song Yang

14:00-14:40   Seasonal Climate Prediction and Downscaling
Deliang Chen, BCC
14:40-15:20   On Climate Prediction of the East Asian Summer Monsoon
Yihui Ding, BCC
15:20-16:00   BCC Climate System Model and Its Performance
Wenjie Dong, BCC
16:00-16:15   Tea break

Chairman: Jianhua Qian

16:15-16:55   Short-term Climate Prediction System of BCC
Peiqun Zhang, BCC
16:55-17:35   Tibetan Snow and Asian Summer Monsoon
Tongwen Wu, BCC
18:30-21:00   Reception of BCC/CMA

Friday, April 8

08:30-09:30   Session III: Trainings of the BCC Models and Products by BCC Staffs

Chairman: Yong Luo

08:30-08:50    Climate Monitoring and Diagnosis
Qiyi Wang, BCC
08:50-09:10    Monthly and Seasonal Prediction by BCC Models
Hui Gao, BCC
09:10-09:30    Climate Impact Assessment System
Yuping Yan, BCC
09:30-09:45    Tea break
09:45-12:00     Practices with the BCC products
12:10-13:20     Lunch
14:00-17:00     Session IV: Demonstration of the BCC Modeling Systems
14:00-17:00     Technical tour of BCC

Saturday, April 9

08:30-12:20    Session V: Predictions From All the Participating Centres     

Chairman: Weijing Li

08:30-08:50    Yongguang Wang (BCC, Prediction)
08:50-09:10    Song Yang (NCEP, Prediction)
09:10-09:30    Jianhua Qian (IRI, Prediction)
09:30-09:50     Richard Graham (Hadley Centre, Prediction)
09:50-10:10    Tomoaki Ose (JMA, Prediction)
10:10-10:30    Keun-Hee Lee (KMA, Prediciton)
10:30-10:40    Tea break

Chairman: Tomoaki Ose

10:40-11:00    The Precipitation Forecast for 2005 Rainy Season
Lao Ieng Wai, Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau
11:00-11:20    The 2005 Short Range Climate Forecast for Hong Kong
David Tai-wai Hui, Hong Kong Observatory
11:20-11:40    Precipitation and Temperature Forecast of the Coming Flooding Season
Le Thi Thu Ha, National Centre for Meteorological Forecasting, Viet Nam
11:40-12:00    Philippine Climate Review Fourth Quarter of 2004 and Seasonal Outlook (JFM & AMJ 2005)
Daisy F. Ortega, Climatology and Agrometeorology Branch, Philippine
12:00-12:20    Zhaohui Lin (IAP, Prediction)
12:20-13:30    Lunch
14:00-15:50    Session VI: Climate Studies                               

Chairman: Panmao Zhai

14:00-14:20    Climate Variability and Change in The Mountainous North of Pakistan
M.Akram Anjum, Pakistan Meteorological Department
14:20-14:40    Climate of Lao PDR
Boua Ngeun Oudomchit, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Lao PDR
14:40-15:00    Climatic Prediction in Nepal: Issues in Running Climate Model
Archana Shrestha, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal
15:00-15:20    Climate Variability of Bangladesh
Md. Shah Alam, Bangladesh Meteorological Department
15:20-15:40   The Desertigication Study in Mongolia Using Regional Climate Modeling
Purevjav Gomboluudev, Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Mongolia
15:40-16:20    Tea break and poster session

Chairman: Yihui Ding

16:20-17:00     Summary by BCC (Wenjie Dong, BCC)
17:00-17:30     Closing ceremony (Xiaofeng Xu, Deputy Administrator of CMA)