Parallel Special Session 2-----Climate Change in Asia Arid and Semi-arid Region

April 7 (Friday), 2006



Oral presentations (Conference room 1004 of the eastern Building of Meteorological Science and Technology)(08:30-10:10)
Chairman: LIU Hongbin
08:30-08:50    The Agroclimatic Resource and its Change in Mongolia.
Azzaya D, Institude of meteorology and Hydrology (IMH), Mongolia
08:50-09:10    The Effect of Solar Activity on Annual Precipitation in Delingha Region, Tibetan Plateau for the Last 1000 years.
09:10-09:30    Precipitation Changes in Mongolia from 1961 to 2004
Battur N, IMH
09:30-09:50  Simulate the Eco-hydrology Processes and its Response to Environmental Change at Watershed Scale in Hilly Area of Loess Plateau, China.
XU Hongmei, BCC/CMA
09:50-10:10  Cyclogenesis over the Territory of Mongolia During 1999-2002.
Jugder D, IMH
10:10-10:30    Teabreak

Oral presentations(10:30-11:50)
Chairman: Dolgorsuren AZZAYA
10:30-10:50    Climate Change Projections for the 21st Century by the AOGCM with SRES Scenarios.
Xu Ying, BCC/CMA
10:50-11:10 Estimation of Pasture Capacity and its Application to the Mongolian Pastoral Livestock Husbandry.
Erdenetsetseg B, IMH
11:10-11:30  Variations in Droughts over China: 1951-2003.
Zou Xukai, BCC/CMA
11:30-11:50  Weather outlook for Mongolia in the warm season of 2006.
Sarantuya C, IMH
12:00-13:30  Lunch

14:00-17:30 To visit the Division of Climate Change (NCC, China) and then have a summary and discussion at the 1204 meeting room of the western Building of Meteorological Science and Technology.