Parallel Special Session 1-----Seasonal Prediction on East Asian Summer Monsoon

April 7 (Friday), 2006


Topic I: Climate Prediction System and Modeling (08:30-10:50)
Chairman: LI Weijing(CMA)
08:30-08:50  Status of Long-Range Forecasts in the Korea Meteorological Administration
Ju-Youn Lim, KMA
08:50-09:10  Latest IRI Multi-model Ensemble Forecasts
Chester Ropelewski, IRI
09:10-09:30  Seasonal outlook on 2006 East Asian Summer Monsoon by DCMPS/BCC
09:30-09:50  Predictability of CME/PNU CGCM to Forecast East Asian Summer Monsoon
Joong-Bae, Ahn, KMA-academic
09:50-10:10  Prediction of 2006 Summer Climate
            CHEN Hong, IAP/CAS
10:10-10:30  Seasonal Outlook of the 2006 Summer over the East Asia using the KMA
Global Spectral Model
Hyun-Kyung, Kim, KMA
10:30-10:50  TEA BREAK

Topic II: Overview of Recent Climate over East Asia and El Nino Outlook  (10:50-12:10)
Chairman: Ju-Youn Lim (KMA)
11:50-11:10  Overview of 2005 winter climate over the East Asia
 Kyung-Suk, Cho, KMA
11:10-11:30  Review of Chinese climate in 2005
11:30-11:50  Tropical Ocean-Atmospheric Conditions Monitoring and Outlook in
Summer 2006
12:10-13:30     LUNCH


Topic III: Seasonal Prediction of the East Asian Summer (13:30-16:30)
Chairman: Koichi Kurihara (JMA)
13:30-13:50  Climate prediction activity in METRI/KMA
         Young-Hwa, Byun, KMA
13:50-14:10  External and Internal Summer Atmospheric Variability in the western North
Pacific and East Asia
14:10-14:30  Climate Prediction and Research about the latest forecast
Christopher Gordon, Hadley Center
14:30-14:50  JMA's Outlook for summer 2006
Koichi Kurihara, JMA
14:50-15:10  The Outlook of East Asia Summer Monsoon and Precipitation in Flood
Season of 2006 in China
LIU Yanxiang, BCC/CMA
15:10-15:30  Teabreak

Chairman: Young-Hwa, Byun (KMA)
15:30-15:50  Seasonal prediction of regional climate over Korea using preceding large-
scale climate indices
Maeng-Ki, Kim, KMA-academic
15:50-16:10  Prediction of Typhoon Frequency over the Northwestern Pacific in 2006
            GAO Hui, BCC/CMA
16:10-16:30  A Proposition on Seasonal Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Activity over the
Western North Pacific
    Hyeok-Joe, Kwon, KMA-academic

Topic 4: Summary and Discussion (16:30-17:30)
Chairman: LI Weijing(CMA)