Seminar of Dr. A. Moise from BMRC Convened in BCC


On 24 May 2007, Dr. Aurel F. Moise from BMRC of Australia delivered a report on “Probabilistic Climate Change Projections for Australia” and “Asian-Australia Monsoon in IPCC AR4 data: initial results” during his visit in NCC from 16-21 May 2007.

Funded by Australia Greenhouse Office, the visit of Dr. Moise is a part of cooperation between NCC and BMRC (Dr. Zhang Huqiang) under the framework of China-Australia cooperation on climate change. The cooperation includes visit of BCC experts to BMRC and visit of Dr. Zhang Huqiang to BCC.

Dr. Moise’s report mainly focused on regional climate change in Australia and Asia-Australia region, including 1) taking possible precipitation as index of monsoon measurement, firstly to verify the method by comparing results from ERA40 data with those from other monsoon index used by Darvin station of Australia, then to analyze the simulation of IPCC AR4 modeling on present Asian-Australian monsoon and possible future variation of Asian-Australian monsoon. 2) using REA(Reliability Ensemble Average), to analyze the climate change scenarios in different regions of Australia simulated by IPCC AR4 modeling. The REA method, which was originally invented by F. Giorgi, has also been used by BCC in analysis of simulation of IPCC AR4 on regional climate change in China.

The seminar was chaired by Dr. Gao Xuejie. Experts and graduate students from BCC and CAMS, as well as BCC international visiting scholars, Mr. Abdoulaye Sarr and Sajjad Saeed respectively from Senegal and Pakistan, attended the seminar.