The Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring-Assessment-Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII) was sponsored by WMO and CMA, cosponsored by State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission of China and WMO East Asian Monsoon Activity Center/BCC, and hosted by the Beijing Climate Centre of CMA, was a response to addressing the needs of the RA II region for CliMAP.

The main objectives of the Forum are:
1.To review the progress made in the CliMAP programs and the activities both within RA II and the world with a specific focus on the challenges and opportunities in seasonal to inter-annual climate prediction methodologies and systems unique to the RA II region.
2.To provide a platform for the members of RA II to share and exchange experience and knowledge on CliMAP.
3.To build collaborations and partnerships among the members of RA II in the CliMAP programs as well as other international partners and activities.
4.To discuss collaborations among the members of RA II and other international partners to build an Asia-Pacific network of climate extreme events monitoring and assessment. (Or Building Plan for Monitoring and Assessment System of Extreme Weather-climate Events in Asia)

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