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SHI Xueli(史学丽) Land Surface Model

Climate System Modelling Division
National Climate Center
Address: No. 46 Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District, Beijing 100081, China
Fax: +86-10-68408508


2000 Ph.D. in Meteorology, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, China
1997 M.S. in Synoptic Dynamics, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China
1994 B.S. in Synoptic Dynamics, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, China

Work Experience

May 2010-Present Professor, Climate Modeling Division, National Climate Center
Feb. 2005-Apr. 2010 Associated Professor, Climate System Modeling Division, National Climate Center
Aug. 2004-Jan. 2005 Senior Research Associate, City University of Hongkong, HK
Sept. 2002-Jul. 2004 Associate Professor, Dynamic Climate Division, National Climate Center
Oct. 2001- Sept. 2002 Senior Research Assistant, City University of Hongkong, City University of Science and Technology, HK
Aug. 2000- Sept. 2001 Assistant Professor, National Climate Center, Beijing

Research Fields

My primary academic interest areas are the land surface process and climate modeling.
As a member of the land surface modeling group, I’ve been participating in the new generation climate system model development since 2005, focusing on biogeochemical processes, including terrestrial carbon cycle and dynamical vegetation to meet the PCMDI5 experiments requests.
Another job is to connect the satellite remote dataset products with climate models, such as land cover mapping and land surface-related parameters (snow, albedo).
The work on regional climate modeling includes the parameterization scheme improvement (soil moisture and temperature in RegCM_NCC based on RegCM2), operationalization experiments of RegCM_NCC in short-term climate prediction (1997-2004), and coupling of the RegCM with hydrology and crop model, as well as investigations on the impacts of “initial” land surface factors, like the land cover, initial soil moisture, heat flux and snow cover (since 2004).
I’ve also made diagnostic studies of the relationship between summer monsoon and rainfall of the South China before 1997.
I’ve also been involved in various key national and natural science foundation projects, including the NSFC, “863 (National High Technology Research and Development Program of China) ”, “973 (National Basic Research Program of China)”, public interest projects, and so on.


Book Chapters
1. Li Wenli, Chen Deliang, Zhao Zhenguo, Lin Zhaohui, Zhang Peiqun, Li Qingquan, Shi Xueli, and Sun Chenghu (2007). “Seasonal to Interannual Climate Prediction”, in Wang Shaowu and Li Weijing (ed.) Climate of China. Beijing: China Meteorological Press, 2007, pp.288-322.
2. Ding Yihui, Shi Xueli, Liu Yiming, and Li Qingquan (2006). “Seasonal prediction experiments for 2003 summer using a nested regional climate model”, in Fujiyoshi Yasushi and Ding Yihui (ed.) Final Report of GAME/HUBEX-GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment/ Huaihe River Basin Experiment. GAME Publication No. 43, GAME/HUBEX project office, pp. 603-610.
3. Shi Xueli, and Ding Yihui (2000). “Coupling experiments of a land-surface processes model with a regional climate model” (in Chinese), in Ninth FYP Key Science and Technology Project Office (ed.) Research on Short-Term Climate Prediction System Part II: Development of Operational Dynamical Model for Short-Range Climate Prediction. Beijing: China Meteorology Press, pp.243-252.

Technical Reports
Shi Xueli, Hu Guoquan, and Liu Yiming (2003). User’s Guide to RegCM_NCC, Technical Report 4.1 of Dynamic Climate Division (DCD), 40pp. (in Chinese)

Journal Articles
1. Xueli Shi (2009). “Initial soil moisture effects on the climate in China-a regional climate model study.” Journal of Ocean University of China (English Edition), 8(2), 111-120; DOI 10.1007/s11802-009-0111-z.
2. Shi Xueli, Chan Johnny, Chow Keith, and Ding Yihui (2008). “Effects of upstream surface heat fluxes on the evolution of the South China Sea summer monsoon.” Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 100, 303-325, DOI: 10.1007/s00703-008-0311-x.
3. Chow Keith, Chan Johnny, Shi Xueli, Liu Yiming, and Ding Yihui (2008). “Time-lagged effects of spring Tibetan Plateau soil moisture on the monsoon over China in early summer.” International Journal of Climatology, 28 (1), 55-67; DOI: 10.1002/joc.1511.
4. Shi Xueli, Xie Zhenghui, Liu Yiming, and Yang Hongwei (2007). “Implementation of a surface runoff model with Horton and Dunne mechanisms into the regional climate model RegCM_NCC.” Advances in Atmospheric Science, 24 (5), 750-764.
5. Ding Yihui, Shi Xueli, Liu Yiming, Liu Yan, Li Qingquan, Qian Yongfu, Miao Manqian, Zhai Guoqing, and Gao Ku (2006). “Multi-year simulations and experimental seasonal predictions for rainy seasons in China by using a nested regional climate model (RegCM_NCC). Part I: sensitivity study.” Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 23(3), 323-341.
6. Ding Yihui, Liu Yiming, Shi Xueli, Li Qingquan, Q.P. Li, and Liu Yan (2006). “Multi-year simulations and experimental seasonal predictions for rainy seasons in China by using a nested regional climate model (RegCM_NCC). Part II: the experimental seasonal prediction.” Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 23(4), 487-503.
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Conference Presentations
1. Shi Xueli, Zhang Yanwu, Li Weiping, Wu Tongwen and Zhang Fang (2009, 24–28 August). “Effects of vegetation classification and plant growth scheme on atmospheric model simulation”, GEWEX/iLEAPS Conference, Melbourne, Australia.
2. Shi Xueli, Johnny Chan, Keith Chow, and Ding Yihui (2007, 2-14 July). “Upstream topography effects on the South China Sea summer monsoon”, invited presentation at IUGG, Perugia, Italy.
3. Shi Xueli, Johnny Chan, Keith Chow and Ding Yihui (2006, 24-27 July). “Effects of the IndoChina Peninsula heat fluxes on the 1998 South China Sea summer monsoon”, WPGM, Beijing, China.
4. Shi Xueli, Yiming Liu, Zhenghui Xie, Hongwei Yang (2005, 12-13 August). “The effects of runoff scheme modification on the regional climate model performance”, Fourth Workshop on Regional Climate Modeling for Monsoon System, Beijing, China.
5. Shi Xueli, Ding Yihui and Yiming Liu (2004, 21-25 June). “Seasonal Prediction experiments with RegCM_NCC in China National Climate Center”, 1st International CLIVAR Science Conference, Baltimore, USA.
6. Shi Xueli and Ding Yihui (2003, Sep.29- Oct. 3). “Land-surface process model improvement and its coupling with the regional climate model, Report series in Aerosol Science, No. 62B”, in A. Arneth, H. Korhonen and M. Kulmala, et al. (ed.) Proceedings of iLEAPS Volume 2 (pp. 378-383), Helsinki, Finland.

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