ZHANG Cunjie

ZHANG Cunjie(张存杰) Professor / Chief climate change officer, Division of Climate Change Impact and Adaptation, National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration (CMA)

National Climate Center
China Meteorological Administration No. 46 Zhongguangcun Nandajie, Beijing 100081, China
Email: zhangcj@cma.gov.cn


1. Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award
2. Special Government Allowance from the State Council
3. Second Prize of Gansu Science and Technology Progress Award (six awards)
4. Gold Award for Excellent Engineering in China’s Geographic Information Industry


Sept.1985-Jul.1989 B.S. in Weather Dynamics, Beijing Institute of Meteorology
Sept.1993- May1996 M.S. in Weather Dynamics, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology
Sept. 2004-Jun.2009 Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Work Experience

Jul.1989-Aug.1993 Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture Meteorological Bureau, Gansu Meteorological Bureau
Jun.1996-Nov.1998 Climate Data Center, Gansu Meteorological Bureau
Nov.1998-Jul.2002 Central Weather Station of Lanzhou, Gansu Meteorological Bureau
Jul.2002-May2006 Lanzhou Institute of Arid Meteorology, China Meteorological Administration
Jan.2004-Dec.2004 Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
May2006-May2011 Northwest Regional Climate Center, Gansu Meteorological Bureau
Mar.2008-Apr.2008 Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
Apr.2010-Jul.2010 National Meteorological Administration, Canadian Environment Agency
May2011-Jun.2016 Climate Change Impact Assessment Division, National Climate Center
Jun.2016-Present Operational System Development and Maintenance Division

Research Fields

1. Study on the law of drought climate change in China.
2. Drought monitoring, early warning and the technology of drought disaster risk assessment.
3. Construction and development of the climate operational systems.

Recent Main Projects

1. Leader of the sixth Project “Agricultural Drought Risk Research in Northern China”, a project supported by China Special Fund for Meteorological Research in the Public Interest (Grant No. GYHY(QX)201506001-6).
2. Main researcher of the National Basic Research and Development (973) Program of China project (2012CB955301-1).
3. “Assessment Report on the Impact of Climate Change in Northwest China”, a Climate Change Special Project.
4. Responsible for the completion of the operational system: “climate change impact assessment and service system”.
5. Responsible for the completion of the operational system: “Improvement and Perfection of CIPAS”.
6. Responsible for the completion of the operational system: “Marine Climate Monitoring and Prediction Sub-system”.


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