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1 Chronicle of Events Relating to Climate System Model Development in 2003 2004-11-21
2 Establishing consultative committee of experts for the research on Chinese climate system modeling and holding the first membership meeting 2004-11-20
3 The meeting of consultative committee of experts for research on climate system modeling was held on Nov. 4th, 2004 in Beijing 2004-11-20
4 Dong Wenjie, Leader of National Climate Center had an important talk with scientists of Climate System Modeling Division 2004-11-20
5 Zhang Guocai, Director of National Meteorological Center debriefed the Report about Climate Models Operating on Apr 10th 2003 2004-11-20
6 Important Events of Developing Climate System Model in 2004 2004-11-20
7 Common Workshop Towards fully coupled Earth System Model and Global Change was held in Beijing 2004-11-20
8 Cooperation and communion of NCC with Italian modeling experts 2004-11-20

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