AI Wanxiu

AI Wanxiu(艾婉秀) Senior Research Engineer

Tel: 0086-10-68400427


2001 and 2009 CMA Excellent Forecaster on Duty
2009 CMA Award for Distinguished Meteorological Service
First batch of Chief Meteorological Service Experts, China Meteorological Administration, 2012


Sept. 1983-Jul. 1987  Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Nangjing University, China
Sept.1990-May.1993   M.S., Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences

Work Experience

Sept. 1983-Jul. 1987 Meteorological Observatory, Guilin Airport, Guangxi
May.1993-Jan.1995 Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
Jan.1995-Present National Climate Center

Research Fields

1. Climate prediction
2. Climate services

Recent Main Projects

2016 “Gender Differentiation Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for Impact of Meteorological Disasters”, a project supported by the China Meteorological Administration Climate Change Special Fund
2009-2010 “Development of Meteorological-Grade Forest Fire Hazard Forecasting Technology”, a project supported by State Forestry Administration of China


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