YE Dianxiu

YE Dianxiu(叶殿秀) Senior Research Engineer

National Climate Center
China Meteorological Administration
No.46 Zhongguangcun Nandajie Street, Beijing 100081, China


Chief Meteorological Service Experts, China Meteorological Administration, 2013
2020 CMA Award for Distinguished Meteorological Service


Sept.1982-Jul.1986 B.S., Department of Agricultural Meteorology, Nanjing Meteorological University, China
Sept.1986-Jul.1989 M.S., Department of Agronomy, Southwest Agricultural University, China

Work Experience

Jul.1989-Aug.1992 Assistant, Meteorological Research Institute of Shaanxi Meteorological Bureau
Sept.1992-May1999 Engineer, Meteorological Research Institute of Shaanxi Meteorological Bureau
Jun.1999-Jun.2000 Associate Researcher, Meteorological Research Institute, Shaanxi Meteorological Bureau
Jul.2000-May 2009 Associate Researcher, National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration
Jun.2000- Present Researcher, National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration

Research Fields

1. Meteorological disaster assessment
2. Climate impact assessment
3. Application service

Recent Main Projects

1. Meteorological disaster risk zoning and impact assessment (Qi Fa [2007] No. 64)
2. Technical method and application of regional rainstorm and high temperature process evaluation(cmahx20160502)
3. Research on technology for comprehensive assessment of risk levels of major natural disasters in China (2008BAK50B02)
4. Study of risk assessment techniques for regional extreme weather and climate events and meteorological disasters (CCSF201712)


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