LIU Yunyun

LIU Yunyun(刘芸芸) Professor/Master Supervisor/Deputy Director, Climate Prediction Division, Beijing Climate Center (BCC), CMA

Climate Prediction Division
Beijing Climate Center
China Meteorological Administration
No. 46 Zhongguangcun Nandajie, Beijing 100081, China
Tel:  86-10-58993090


2021 Young Meteorological Talents Award, CMA
2012 CMA Award for Excellent Forecasters


2006-2009, Ph.D. in Meteorology, Chinese Academy of Science
2003-2006, M.S. in Meteorology, Nanjing University of Information Science &Technology
1999-2003, B.S. in Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University of Information Science &Technology

Work Experience

2009-2013, Climate Prediction Division, BCC/CMA
2013, Visiting Scientist, Climate Prediction Center, NCEP/NOAA, US
2014-2017, Division of Operation, Science and Technology, BCC/CMA
2018-Present, Climate Prediction Division, BCC/CMA

Research Fields

1. Asian monsoon regional climate monitoring and diagnosis
2. Short-term climate prediction
3. Extreme climate events research

Recent Main Projects

1.National Natural Science Foundations of China (Grant No. 42175056)
2.Guangdong Major Project of Basic and Applied Basic Research (Grant No. 2020B0301030004)


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