Joint Meeting on Collaboration of Climate Science for Service Partnership held in Beijing


The Joint Meeting on Collaboration of Climate Science for Service Partnership (CSSP) was held in Beijing, China, during April 9-11, 2014. More than 40 experts from the UK Met Office Hadley Centre, CMA’s Beijing Climate Centre and IAP of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the meeting and worked together to promote the activities of CSSP. Mr. Philip Evans, Director of Government Services of the UK Met Office, Mr. Stephen Belcher, Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre and four experts from the UK Met Office made a special trip to China to attend the meeting.

Ms. Jiao Meiyan, Deputy Administrator of CMA, warmly welcomed the UK Met Office delegation. She said she was very happy to witness that, in the past few years, the UK Hadley Centre and CMA’s National Climate Centre as two important WMO climate service centres, had developed close and fruitful cooperation under the bilateral cooperation framework of Met Office and CMA. “Met Office and CMA share a solid foundation for cooperation and have many common interests,” she said. “Through cooperation, we hope to improve climate services and promote the implementation of GFCS. For this purpose, the two Services have also actively cooperated in transforming climate science to services.”

The CSSP is a scientific research programme -led in the UK by the Met Office-that will help governments, communities and industries of UK and China in decision making to better prevent climatic disasters and adapt to climate changes and make more contribution to sustainable economic and social development.

Jiao, on behave of CMA, expressed active intention of supporting on CSSP program to promote more pragmatic and effective cooperation and wish the program will further enhance the strategic partnership between UK and China in climate science and climate service in relevant fields and benefit the people in both countries.

Mr. Zhou Heng, Director General of Department of International Cooperation of CMA, Dr. SONG Lianchun, Director General of BCC, Dr. LU Riyu, Deputy Director General of IAP attended the meeting.

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