The First Meeting of BCC Scientific Advisory Committee

On 6 April 2010, the First Meeting of BCC Scientific Advisory Committee (BCC SAC) was held in Beijing. Experts from USA, UK, France, Korea, Japan and China attended the meeting, including Academician Yihui DING, Dr. Yong LUO, Dr. Feifei JIN, Dr. Song YANG, Dr. Timothy Nigel Stockdale, Dr. Ngar-Cheung LAU, Prof. In-Sik Kang, Prof. Chih-Pei Chang, Prof. Akio Kito, Dr. Zhaoxin Laurent LI, Dr. Yuping YAN, Dr. Tongwen WU and Dr. Fumin REN.
The appointment certificates for the members of BCC SAC were conferred; the main terms of reference of BCC SAC was discussed; Dr. Fumin REN introduced BCC development plan for the next five years and annual work plan in 2010; Dr. Tongwen WU introduced the development plan for BCC Climate System Model; and BCC development plan and model system were also discussed on the meeting.
During the meeting, participants have come up with constructive and useful suggestions, which will be summarized and absorbed seriously by BCC. BCC will fully adopt and implement the SAC’s suggestions from the prospective of capacity-building and international cooperation. It is suggested that adequate attention should be paid to the following issues in future the model interpretations should be developed in a quick pace; winter monsoon predictions need more discussions and collaboration; training is one of the important approaches for RCC to play a better role; BCC website, as an important service platform, needs to be enhanced.

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