The CMA National Key Project Won the First Class Award of State Scientific and Technological Progress

    Author:By Zhu Jieping, Sun Yuan and Chao Qingchen    2004-10-24

The Experts

The State S & T Award-giving Conference was held by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on February 20, 2004 at the Great Hall of the People. The National Key Project of the Ninth Five-Year, "Studies on Short-term Climate Prediction System of China", won the First Class Award of State Scientific and Technological Progress together with other 15 projects. Mr. Hu Jintao, Mr. Wen Jiabao, Mr. Zeng Qinghong and etc. attended the conference and presented the awards. Prof. Ding Yihui and Prof. Huang Ronghui participated in the awarding ceremony. On behalf of the project, Prof. Ding received the award in the ceremony. The Project of "Studies on Short-term Climate Prediction System of China" was jointly organized by CMA, CAS, MOE,MOA and MWR. Totally 731 experts from 31 departments of the above mentioned ministries participated in the research.

The innovative achievement of project included three aspects: 1) It's pointed out that the strongest climate signals who affected climate abnormity in China were El Nino events, plateau snow and monsoon. The discovery of the auspice climate signals had obviously enhanced the reliability and accuracy of the operational application. 2) The complicated global and regional dynamical modeling prediction system had been developed and established. In comparison with oversea models in same type, the climate modeling system had the following features: the coupling of main circular layers and nesting of various use models were realized by the new method of day flux anomaly coupling and three dimensional nesting; stable and reasonable dynamical framework; complicated and advanced physical parameterization plan and reasonable disposal method on Tibetan Plateau landform; subtle and reasonable snow model and land surface process model; comparatively high resolution in perpendicular and horizon; suited multi-data assimilation system. 3) The integrated operational application system was established under the support of super computers and networks. Since 1998, the system had become the main operational system in NCC and seven regional meteorological centers, periodically and aperiodically issued various climate products and information through various mediums, timely provided services to the decision-making departments. According to the statistics, the accuracy of national level prediction in 1998-2002 is 5-9% higher than that before the ninth five-year; the accuracy of regional and provincial level predictionis 5-10% higher than before, which basically met the needs of climate information and climate prediction by the rapid development of national economy construction. Especially the prediction and service on the severe flood in 1998 were very successful, which had made prominent social effect and greatly improved the overall technological level of the modernization of the meteorological operation of China. The project also provided winter, summer and over year climate prediction to the East Asia and Southeast Asia through "the Joint Meeting of Climate Prediction for East Asian Winter/Summer Monsoon" periodically held by China, Korea and Japan.

In recognition of scientists' results in receiving this award, a meeting was held by CMA on Feb. 26 and a notice of commendation was circulated. CMA Administrator Qin Dahe gave the speech in the meeting and more than 80 persons from MOST, MOE, MOA and MWR attended this meeting.

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