Provisional Program for FOCRAII 2008


Fourth Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII)

Provisional  Program

9-11 April, 2008, Beijing, China


April 9 (Wednesday), 2008


LocationLobby of Beijing Climate Center

Opening Ceremony (09:00-10:00) (Conference Hall at the 1st floor of BCC)

Chair:            Li Weijing

09:00-09:10         Welcome address by head of CMA

09:10-09:20        Address by WMO representative (Ms. Leslie MALONE)

09:20-09:30         Address by Executive Director-General of BCC (Dr. XIAO Ziniu)

09:30-10:00         Group Photo and Tea Break

Invited Lectures (10:00-12:00) (Conference Hall at the 1st floor of BCC)

Chair:           Chih-Pei CHANG

10:00-10:40         Methods and tools for climate adaptation: WMO initiatives


10:40-11:20         Terrain Effects on Southeast Asian Monsoon


11:20-12:00        Tropospheric Biennial Oscillation (TBO) and Summer Precipitation in China


Lunch (12:00-13:30)

Session 1Prediction on East Asian Summer Monsoon and summer climate in 2008 (13:30-18:00) (Conference Hall at the 1st floor of BCC)

Invited Lectures (13:30-14:10)

Chair:      Liqiang SUN

13:30-14:10       Diagnosis of the atmospheric circulation in winter 2007/08 focusing on unusually strong Siberian high and cold surges over Asia


14:10-14:50        Regional Climate Modeling in Seasonal Climate Prediction: Advances and Future Directions

Liqiang SUN, IRI, USA

Oral Presentations (14:50-15:50)

Topic I: Overview of Recent Climate and Climate Change

14:50-15:10         Climate and flood in Cambodia

BIN Chann Mony, DOM, Cambodia

15:10-15:30    TBD

Md. Shadekul ALAM, Bangladesh Meteorological Department

15:30-15:50     Overview of Recent Climate over Korea

LEE, Hyun-Soo, CPD/KMA

15:50-16:10    Tea Break


Oral Presentations (16:10-17:530)

Chair:      Kumi HAYASHI

Topic I: Overview of Recent Climate and Climate Change (cont.)

16:10-16:30        Climate Features during Rainy Season over Korea


16:30-16:50        Characters of Meteorological Disasters Caused by the Extreme Synoptic Process in early 2008 in China


16:50-17:10        Wind Condition Changes in Kazakhstan

Bayan SAZANOVA, Kazhydromet

17:10-17:30        The Assessment of Climate Impact on Socio-economic of the Republic of Kazakhstan Based on Climate Prediction

Svetlana DOLGIKH, Kazhydromet

17:30-17:50         Assessment of Recent Dry Spell and Impacts of La Niña in the Philippines

              Rusy G. ABASTILLAS, PAGASA-DOST

Reception by BCC (18:00-20:00)


April 10 (Thursday), 2008

Invited Lectures (08:30-10:30) (Conference Hall at the 1st floor of BCC)

Chair:           Song Yang

08:30-09:10         Improving Observational Data Towards Better Climate Monitoring,

Assessment and Prediction - A Regional Perspective


09:10-09:50        Monitoring and prediction of the Asian-Australian and Indo-Pacific climate

Song YANG, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center

09:50-10:30        The APCC prediction efforts: Operations and Research

Karumuri ASHOK, APCC, Korea

10:30-10:50       Tea Break


Session 1 (cont.) Prediction on East Asian Summer Monsoon and summer climate in 2008 (Conference Hall at the 1st floor of BCC)

Oral Presentations (10:50-12:30)

Session 1 Topic II: Climate Prediction System and Modeling

Chair:            Karumuri ASHOK

10:50-11:10     Application of Long-term Climatic Models on the Territory of Tajikistan

Shakhlo RADZHABOVA, MFC, Tajikistan

11:10-11:30         Verification of Monsoon Rainfall Prediction Model for Pakistan


11:30-11:50         Multiyear Hindcast Simulations of Summer Monsoon over Pakistan by Using a Nested Regional Climate Model (BCC_RegCM1.0)


11:50-12:10        Application Time-Frecuency Wavelet Analyse for the Validation and Verification the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Model Output

Erwin Eka Syahputra MAKMUR, IMGA, Indonesia

12:10-12:30        High Resolution Climate Modeling in Indonesia: Lessons Learned from Applications of Rainfall Prediction in Regency/District Scale

Fierra SETYAWAN, IMGA, Indonesia


Lunch (12:30-13:50)


Oral Presentations (13:50-18:00) (Conference Hall at the 1st floor of BCC)

Session 1 Topic III: Seasonal Climate Prediction of the summer 2008 over East Asia Area

Chair:            SUN Zhaobo

13:50-14:10         Seasonal Outlook of the 2008 Summer

LEE, Jeong-Seog, CPD/KMA

14:10-14:30         Seasonal Outlook of 2008 Summer by the METRI/KMA CPS


14:30-14:50        JMA's Seasonal Forecast for 2008 Summer

Ryuji YAMADA, TCC/JMA, Japan

14:50-15:10        Seasonal Outlook of the 2008 Summer: East Asia Monsoon and Precipitation Anomalies in China


15:10-15:30         Summer Precipitation Prediction and Interdecadal Variations in East China

SUN Zhaobo, NUIST, China

15:30-15:50        Prediction of the Tropical Storm Activity over the Northwest Pacific and South China Sea in 2008

JIA Xiaolong, BCC/CMA


15:50-16:00  Tea Break


Topic III (cont.): Seasonal Climate Prediction of the summer 2008 over East Asia Area

Chair:            LEE Jeong-Seog, CPD/KMA

16:00-16:20         Forecast for 2008 Rainy Season

LEOUG Weng Kun, MGB, Macao, China

16:20-16:40         Monthly Temperature and Rainfall Forecasts for Hong Kong

LEE Sai Ming, HKO

16:40-17:00       Latest IRI Seasonal Climate Forecasts

                            Liqiang Sun, IRI, USA

17:00-17:20         Seasonal prediction of TC activity and its validations

H. Joe KWON, Kongju National University, Korea

17:20-17:40        Outlook of Summer Prediction over East Asian in 2008 by DCMPS/BCC

KE Zongjian, BCC/CMA 

17:40-18:00         ENSO Cycle: Recent Evolution, Current Status and Predictions

HAN Rongqin, BCC/CMA




April 11 (Friday), 2008

Invited Lectures (08:30-09:10) (Conference Hall at the 1st floor of BCC)

Chair:      QIAN Weihong

08:30-09:10    Developments in Extended and Long-range Forecasting at the Hadley Centre

Richard Graham, Hadley Center, Met Office

Session 2: Climate Information Application09:10-12 :00

09:10-09:30   Floods Risks Mapping Assessment in Burundi, Case Study of Burundi with ICPAC


09:30-09:50         Projection on the 2008 Summer Climate from the Air-Sea Coupled Relation in the Last Two Decades

QIAN Weihong, Peking University, China

09:50-10:10         Seasonal Forecasting of Asian Dust Days in Korea

Keon Tae Sohn, Busan National University, Korea


10:10-10:30   Tea Break


10:30-10:50        Climate Monitoring and Long-range Forecast in Laos

                            Vanhdy Douangmala, DMH, Laos

10:50-11:10         TBD

              Nader Ahmed Abdulla MAHMOOD, Bahrain

11:10-11:30          TBD

              Mohammad Karam J. ALI, Kuwait

Lunch (11:30-13:00)

Session 3: Discussion and Summary (13:00-14:30)

Chair:      DING Yihui

A summary of predictions on Asian summer 2008 climate will be produced together by BCC/CMA, CPC/NOAA, IMD, IRI, Hadley Center/UK, JMA, KMA and other NMHSs from Asia.

Closing Ceremony (14:30-14:50)

Chair:      XIAO Ziniu

14:30-14:40                Speech by representative of FOCRAII participants

14:40-14:50         Address by Deputy Administrator of CMA

15:00-19:00 Technical Excursion (short bus tour to Sites of Olympic Games)


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