Weather Forecasting Office Attended the National Communication of Meteorological Forecasting and Early Warning on Geologic Disasters in China

    Author:By Yang Yaunqin and Zhang Fanghua    2004-10-24

    National communication of meteorological forecasting and early warning (MFW) on geologic disasters in China was hold by Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) on Dec. 16~18, 2003. Above 100 members took part in it including the leaders and experts from MLR and CMA and some journalists. On the opening, Mrs. Shou Jiahua, the vice-ministry of MLR, and Mr. Xiao Yongsheng, one director of CMA, commended the cooperation between MLR and CMA, and pointed out that the successful running of the operation of national MFW in 2003 was an outstanding example of their cooperation.

    Three experts from Weather Forecasting Office of Central Meteorological Observatory were invited to the meeting. They introduced the research and operation progress in CMO with the reports of "Forecasting, early warning and service on geologic disasters by CMO in 2003"by Mrs. Yang Yuanqin and "Meteorological forecasting and early warning technique on geologic disasters in China" by Mrs. Xu Jing.

    NMC and CIGEM (China Institute of Geologic Environment Monitor) had cooperated on MFW on geologic disasters from Jun. 2003. Under the uniform management of WFO, some forecasters of the short- term weather section devoted themselves hearts and soul to the relative research and the environment meteorology section joined them putting the findings into operation.

    The MFW was released 64 times on CCTV in 2003 achieving favorable effect and considerable social benefit. Their work initiated the new situation of the prevention and cure of geologic disasters in China. Also this meeting would be helpful to the further scientific research and forecasting operation.

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