Mr. Michel Jarraud Visited CMO

    Author:By Da Kang and Sun Yuan    2004-10-24
    Mr. Michel Jarraud Visited CMO Accompanied by Dr. Zheng Guoguang, deputy administrator of CMA, the newly elected Secretary-General of WMO, Mr. Michel Jarraud visited CMO on 23 February 2004. Mr. Zhang Guocai, director-general of NMC, met Mr. Jarraud and introduced weather forecast service system of NMC and how it plays important role in the disaster mitigation in China. Then Mr. Jarraud visited the super computer center, the TV program center for weather forecast and the working platform of weather forecast respectively accompanied by Mr. Shi Peiliang and Dr. Bi Baogui. At last, Mr. Jarraud was invited to attend an informal discussion with the experts from the NWP innovation base.

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