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    Author:By Sun Yuan    2004-10-24

    o In order to commend the project of "Studies on Short-term Climate Prediction System" who had won the first class award of State Scientific and Technological Progress, a commending ceremony was held by CMA on 26 February 2004. In the ceremony, the scientific researchers and technologists of the pro their hard working and remarkable achievement. Approximately 80 leaders and experts from MOST, CAS, MOE, MOA, MWR and CMA attended the ceremony.

    o In November 2003, the Open Lab. for Climate Studies was awarded the title of "Excellent Laboratory" in the evaluation of CMA.

    oTwo projects of NMC have won the honor of "First Rank of Scientific Research and Technological Development Award" of CMA.They are "Technological Development of Meteorological Service for the Yangtze River Three-Gorges Project" of NCC and "Operation and Improvement of the T213L31 System" of CMO.

    o In November 2003, Mr. Zhou Zijiang, senior engineer of DMD/MIC, had won the second-class award of 2002-2003 Tuchangwang Meteorological S&T for the Youth.

    o The workshop on research results of the intensive task of the ninth-five national key project, namely "operationalization of short-term climate diagnostic and prediction system", was held in Beijing recently. Totally 24 experts from DCDP/NCC and IAM/CAS participated in the workshop. The team leaders of four subjects reported the achievement in transition of scientific research into operational work, and 15 technical reports were delivered in the workshop.

    o In December 2003, DSTD/NMC had examined the ongoing tasks which was established and supported by NMC funds in 2002 and 2003. The results were good. Up to February 2004, most of the tasks that should be completed by the end of 2003 had already been completed and checked.

    o In order to provide more climate information to the public, NCC and Huafeng Group determined that the Monthly Global Major Weather and Climate Events Report would be provided by CDPD/NCC since February 2004, which would be broadcasted in the Weather Forecast Program after the Main Evening News Bro o It was reported by Division of Human Resources that six experts of NMC had been certificated as professor or senior engineer at professor class in 2003, including Dr. Liu Hongbin and Prof. Yang Yiwen from NCC, Prof. Wang Jianlin and Prof. Yang Yuanqin from CMO, Prof. Guo Fahui and Prof. Hong Wendo certificated as associate professor or senior engineer, including 14 in field of atmospheric sciences and 8 in field of meteorological information. Moreover, 14 staff got the title of engineer.

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