First EAC Meeting on China CSM Research Convened

    Author:Ms. Zhang Yan & Mr. Sun Yuan    2004-10-24

    Organized by China National Climate Committee, the First Expert Advisory Committee Meeting on China Climate System Model Research was held on 25 May 2004 in CMA. Approximately 60 experts participated in the meeting respectively from MOST, NSFC, NDRC, MOE, CAS, CAES, MWR, SOA, MOA, Meteorological Bureau of General Staff, MOF, CAAS, CAGS, Atmospheric Environment Institute of General Staff, NRCPCET, CMA, CEPA, PKU, Tongji University, Huazhong University of Science and technology, NIM, Nanjing University.

    Dr. Zheng Guoguang, secretary-general of CNCC, presided the opening ceremony. He reviewed the startup of China CSM Research Project and the background of establishment of EAC, then he announced the list of EAC members.

    The EAC is composed by 40 well-known experts on climate system, in which Dr. Dong Wenjie, deputy director-general of NCC, Dr. Chen Deliang, science director of NCC, Prof. Ding Yihui are retained. Dr. Qin Dahe, chief member of CNCC, awarded the appointment letters to the EAC members. On behalf of CNCC, Dr. Qin expressed his appreciation to the participants who came to discuss the China CSM research plan. He pointed out that, the impact of climate change is not only a scientific issue, but also associated with sustainable development of social economy, national security, environment diplomacy. Therefore, it is urgent for China to expedite the development of our own CSM, to improve the climate research and prediction level, to provide impelling service to national construction strategy, national security and environment diplomacy. He wished each staff keep the interest of the country and the nationality, fulfill their responsibility in departments and universities, concentrate their strength, share their resources, cooperate in good faith, thus pushing forward the development of CSM research.

    The meeting was chaired by Prof. Wu Guoxiong, chief member of EAC. Prof. Wu indicated that the development of CSM accords with the international development trend and meets the need of national development. He said, we should sufficiently exert the advantage of China CSM research, hold the direction of future development of CSM and cooperate with each other.

    In the meeting, Dr. Dong Wenjie, deputy director-general of NCC, made a presentation on " General Plan on China CSM Research Program". Prof. Chen Dehui, Prof. Wang Bin, Prof. Xu Xiangde and Prof. Shi Peiliang reported on framework, basis and progress of China CSM research, as well as the construction progress of Beijing Super Computer Center respectively.

    Based on the reports, the EAC made a discussion and concluded on: 1) the establishment of EAC indicates that the scientists had reached common understanding on development of China CSM research and the technological conditions had been qualified; 2) the development of CSM, as a complicated project, requires each departments exert their advantages and cooperate together; 3) team spirit is very important that we should organize a team of excellent scientists to tackle the difficulties; 4) the national long-range strategy and powerful financial support are necessary for the development of China CSM; 5) the observation on each global layer of climate system should be enhanced, integrated observation should be carried out in representative areas; 6) data collection and data process should be enhanced and put into the model; 7) in order to stabilize a good research team, the old evaluation system should be modified

    The EAC experts believed that, under the leadership of the State Council, with the efforts and collaboration of each departments, based on the principle of "to undertake the tasks of research, experiment, application at the same time", the operaionalized China CSM will be successful developed.

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