Shanghai has got the hottest day in the past 75 years



On July 20, the temperature in the urban area of Shanghai rose to 40℃, which hit the high temperature record in the past 137 years. Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued the 1st red heat wave warning in history.


As early as last morning, the temperature in Xujiahui has been 35℃. At 8:05, instead of yellow heat wwave warning, Shanghai meteorological department directly published red heat wave warning signal by the Internet, TV, broadcast, SMS and other ways.


From 14:09 to 14:11, the temperature of Xujiahui became 40℃ for about 2 minutes. Such temperature record has been rare in history.


The high temperature lasted to 20:00 of yesterday, which was about 11 hours. According to the latest information from the meteorological department, from July 21, the sub-tropical high pressure will reduce and the temperature of Shanghai will decrease to about 30℃. That is to say, the heat wave in Shanghai will soon reduce.

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