Wang Shourong puts forward proposals on climate risk management at round-table discussion of the WCC-3



On Aug. 31 Wang Shourong, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), expressed that climate risk management was an effective means for disaster prevention and mitigation and the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) that the conference were making efforts to establish would provide an unprecedented opportunity for enhancing the capability and level of climate risk management.

The remarks was expressed by Wang Shourong at the round-table discussion with topic of climate risk management. The discussion focused on application of climate information and services and the process and result of the interaction between climate prediction and climate providers & users.

Wang said that at present the capability level of climate disasters risk management varies from nation to nation in the world. There were some weak points in technology. The developing countries needed support and aid. These pressing issues could be strengthened and improved through the implementation of the GFCS.

He proposed to enhance accuracy of climate prediction of crucial climate systems, which should be the foundation of climate risk management, strengthen the capability of climate risk assessment service, which should be the core of the climate risk management, establish and improve early warning service for climate disasters, which should be the crucial part of climate risk management, and establish quick response mechanism for coping with risk, which should be the base of climate risk management.

Wang said that the international community should strengthen cooperation to jointly promote climate risk management and contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation and economic and social development.

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