Climate change forum held closing ceremony and put forward 5 suggestions



In the afternoon of September 8, “Pay close attention to climate change: challenge, opportunity and action” forum held closing ceremony. Qin Dahe, Deputy Director-general of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment of CPPCC read the declaration of this forum. Shen Xiaonong, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration presided with the closing ceremony.


The forum reachs an agreement that climate change, whose main characteristic is global warming, affects the present society and natural ecological system in a lot of aspects. The future climate change will threaten the global society especially the developing countries. In the past over 200 years’ industrialization process, the developed countries released carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas randomly, which has been regarded as the main cause of the present climate change. Therefore, the developed countries should cut the emission remarkably as well as provide fund and technology support for the developing countries and improve the developing countries’ capacity of tackling climate change.


The developing countries are the victims of climate change and face with different kinds of pressures in developing economy, reducing poverty and tackling climate change. As a responsible developing country, China always pays high attention to climate change, comprehensively arranges the economic development and ecological construction, home and abroad, present and long-term to constitute and implement the climate change plan in accordance with the scientific concept of development. China has taken series of policies and measures of tackling climate change and has got very good result.


The forum appealed that all the countries should adhere to the international climate change framework convention and Kyoto Protocol, strictly follow the authorization of the Bali Road Map, stick to the principal of “common but differentiated responsibilities” and adhere to sustainable development. The developed countries should be brave enough to face the historic responsibility, carry out the legal obligation and take the lead in cutting emission.


The forum suggests that 1st, bring tackling climate change into the “12th economy and society development plan” and long-term developing strategy, transform the economy to a green developing mode, whose main characteristic is low carbon, strengthen the capacity construction of tackling climate change and gain the win-win strategy of realizing sustainable development and tackling climate change.


2nd, fully play the leading and fundamental role of scientific research and technological innovation in the work of tackling climate change, increase the technological input, support the research, demonstration and generalization of adaptation, energy-saving and renewable energy development in different channels.


3rd, further strengthen the induction of law, rule and policy, encourage the enterprises to take the responsibility of tackling climate change as well as become the main force of emission reduction and tackling climate change in China.


4th, actively take part in the international negotiation and cooperation action of tackling climate change, play the constructive role, resolutely safeguard China’s developing rights and interest as a developing country and Chinese citizens’ basic human rights as well as ensure the stable development of Chinese economy and society and the improvement of people’s living standards.


5th, promote the whole society’s understanding of climate change, strengthen the risk prevention and action consciousness, cut green house gas emission and promote the economy’s and society’s capacities of tackling climate change in different aspects and levels.


The forum appeals to implement the principal of “common but differentiated responsibilities”, adhere to sustainable developing road, actively take reduction and adaptation policy, measures and action of climate change so as to tackling climate change together. 

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