Tropical storm Koppu likely to land in Guangdong province




At 5:00 a.m. today the 15th tropical storm Koppu was centered about 480 km to southeast of Yangjiang, Guangdong province (20.1N, 116.2E) with maximum wind force up to scale 9 (23m/s).



It is forecasted to move west by north at speed of 25 km per hour gradually approaching central and western coastal Guangdong with gaining intensity. It is likely to land in the areas from Zhuhai to Zhanjiang at time of Sep. 14 night or Sep. 15 morning.



Affected by it there will be high wind with scale 6 or 8 affecting Bashi Channel, Balintang Channel, south of Taiwan Straits, central and northern South China Sea, coastal areas of Guangdong, and eastern coastal Hainan. The areas that the center passes will be hit by strong wind with scale 8 or 9 and in isolated areasm, the scale will be 10 or 11. There will be heavy rain or torrential rain to in southern Guangdong, southeastern Guangxi, and northern Hainan. Parts of central and western Guangdong is likely to be hit by severe torrential rain.


The 14th tropical storm Choi-wan has intensified into a severe tropical storm. At 2:00 a.m. it was centered about 500 km to northeast of Guam (15.6N, 148.8E) with maximum wind force up to scale 10 (25m/s).


It is forecasted to move west by north at speed of 10 km per hour with gaining intensity. After Sep. 18 it is likely to turn to north at southeastern sea of Ryuku Islands.

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