FY satellites has begun to offer intensive observation for National Day meteorological service



It is reported from National Satellite Meteorological Center of China Meteorological Administration that from September 14 to October 18, FengYun-2 C and D satellites will start up intensive observation to monitor weather system’s continuous development condition so as to promote the weather forecast accuracy level during the National Day Festival.


Compared with the flood season observation, the 2 satellites intensive observation during the National Day period will be more complex. Faced with such a situation, National Satellite Meteorological Center issued special plan. If there is any abnormity in C satellite, then FY-2 E, which is in the backup state, will immediately start up urgent plan in 123.5 degrees east longitude.


According to the plan, C satellite will end all its tasks after finishing the 60th National Day meteorological service. Then FY-2 E satellite will continue to take the task.


Because a lot of meteorological conditions such as cloud, visibility and etc will play an important role in the plane parade, so National Satellite Meteorological Center has especially established technician team to support the accurate forecasting service.

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