Zhang Guocai, Director of National Meteorological Center debriefed the Report about Climate Models Operating on Apr 10th 2003

         Zhang Guocai (director of National Meteorological Center), Li Weijing and Chen Deliang (deputy directors of National Climate Center) debriefed report about improvement of climate modeling by Division of Dynamic Climate (DDC) on afternoon of April 10th 2003. Zhang Peiquan, Deputy Director of DDC reported in detail the evolvement of climate modeling operation system which was planed to be completed in the first half year and version 0 of climate modeling system which was planed to be completed before the end of the year according to the requirement put forward in the workshop on Climate Models Development on January 10th 2003.
        Climate Modeling Operation System comprises of 5 subsystems. Except for monitoring subsystem, other four are in the stage of debugging and have been finished almost. According to the plan, the whole system will be given test run by the end of April and operational manual of the system will be completed in May. With respect to developing climate modeling system, biological processes will be added to climate system and version 0 will be completed by the end of this year.
         The leaders debriefed seriously the report and satisfied the improvement in the operation system. And they stressed that the problem of data storage should be settled and the necessary to perfect climate modeling operation system.

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