World legislators agree to key principles on curbing climate change



Over 100 legislators from major economies across the world agreed in Copenhagen on Sunday to key legislation principles on curbing climate change.


The principles, set out by Wang Guangtao, chairman of the committee for environmental and resources protection of China's National People's Congress (NPC), and U.S. congressman Edward Markey, are aimed to enact climate change legislation in the major economies.


The legislators, who are from eight industrial countries and five leading emerging economies like China, India and Brazil, were in Copenhagen for a two-day forum on pushing the international talks on climate change.


The final document of the forum, nodded by participating lawmakers, outlines the principles on energy standards, forestry preservation, and renewable energy that could see 70 percent of the emissions cuts needed by 2020 if the international community are to limit average temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius.


In his closing remarks, Wang said the discussions over the legislative principles have been "successful and important."


"These principles will play a great role in implementing post Copenhagen measures so that legislators can take real action," he said.


"We must ensure parliaments have an important role legislating and monitoring governments. These legislative principles are aimed at encouraging governments to implement the UNFCCC Bali and Kyoto Protocol," he added.


Later in December, world leaders are expected to meet in Copenhagen for the Climate Change Conference, aiming to seal an overall deal as the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol, which will expire in 2012.


"These principles we have agreed today on energy efficiency, building standards, science standards and renewable energy all have to be part of the debate in every legislature in the world," said Markey.


He added that these principles would help secure the conclusion of a "successful treaty" at the Copenhagen climate change conference in December.

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