Chronicle of Events Relating to Climate System Model Development in 2003


1.      January 10, NMC director-general Zhang GuocaiWang JinguiLi Weijing Chen Deliang etc. talked with the whole staff of Dynamical Climate Division and some personnel involved in climate modeling of Climate Change Division about climate model development at room 307, NCC building. Tentative ideas about the framework of climate system model were proposed.

2.      January 15, the first of Dynamical Climate Division was issued, NMC director Zhang Guocai chaired a seminar on climate model.

3.      March 25, “consultation on climate model prediction of 2003 flood season” was held in room 307 of NCC building. NCC leaders Wang JinguiLi Weijing Chen Deliang attended the meeting which was chaired by Zhang Peiqun, Lang XianmeiChen Hong etc. of IAP/CAS, the whole staff of Dynamical Climate Division and some personnel of NCC showed up.

4.      March 28, the second issue of Dynamical Climate Division «Brief Report» entitled “consultation on climate model prediction of 2003 flood season” came out.

5.      On the afternoon of April 10, NMC director Zhang Guocai and Climate Center leaders Li WeijingChen Deliang etc. heard report on progress in climate model development at Dynamical Climate Division. Zhang Peiqun made a report-back to the requirements raised at “climate model development” seminar held on January 10, 2003

6.      May 8, Dong Wenjie, executive director of NCC, signed a collaborative agreement with Prof. Ji Jinjun of IAP/CAS, implementing AVIM, the vegetation model developed by Prof. Ji to the NCC climate system model, and adapting it to the land surface situation and simulation of China and East Asia.

7.      May 26, Zhang Peiqun Wang Lanning finished compiling «User’s Guide to NCC CGCM1.1», one of the technological report series of Dynamical Climate Division ( sent out to NCC leaders and concerning users)

8.      June 1, the first issue of «model development bulletin: improvement of land component of climate system model» came out.

9.      June 10, the second issue of «model development bulletin: good performance of CGCM in spring prediction» came forth.

10.  June 23, Zhang Zuqiang finished compiling technological manual of Dynamical Climate Division: «User’s Guide to NCC Simplified ENSO prediction model»

11.  June 24, Li Weijing held a seminar on climate model development at the IPCC office, Zhang GuocaiDing Yihui attended the meeting.

12.  On the morning June 26, NCC executive director Dong Wenjie presided over a report meeting on progress in climate model development at China IPCC office, Zhang GuocaiLi Weijing attended.

13.  On June 28(Saturday) afternoon, NCC executive director Dong Wenjie chaired a seminar on the version A climate system model development at the China IPCC office. Zhang GuocaiLi Weijing and the whole staff of Dynamical Climate Division and some interested personnel of other divisions of NCC attended the seminar.

14.  July 1, Zhang Zuqiang finished compiling technology manual of Dynamical Climate Division «User’s Guide to the verification system of NCC short term climate prediction»

15.  July 10, 2003,an agreement was signed between Laboratory for Climate Studies, CMA and the Remote Sensing and GIS Center of Beijing Normal University to launch substantiate collaborations on land surface model and application of satellite observation data. The first cooperation is to modify the land surface scheme in the NCC global climate model and improve the model’s performance in climate simulation and prediction. 

16.  July 12-13, Dong Wenjie took charge of compiling the project plan of version A of climate system model development. Li Weijing, Chen Deliang etc. attended the meeting.

17.  July 29, Shi Xueli, Hu Guoquan and Liu Yiming finished compiling one of Dynamical Climate Division Technological Report: «User’s Guide to the NCC Regional Climate Model»

18.  On the morning of June 30, 2003, Dr. Zheng Guoguang, Deputy Administrator of CMA chaired the consultation with the advisory committee of climate model development, Zhou XiujiLi ZechunXu JianminChen LianshouLiao DongxianNi YunqiZhang ShiyingChen DehuiLi Weijing attended the meeting.

19.  September 20, the office of Climate System Model Development Project issued bulletin entitled: “Ceremony of the Start of Climate System Model Development Project and Symposium on related issues held in Beijing”.

20.  September 29, Led by NMC Director Zhang Guocai, Chinese delegation visited NCAR and held bilateral talks about the cooperation in atmospheric research between NMC/CMA and NCAR, both sides agreed to focus on meso-scale model and assimilation techniques and climate system model development. Consensuses were reached on concrete ways of cooperation, contents of cooperation and recent planning. Zhang GuocaiDong WenjieLi WeijingShen WenhaiWang JianjieLuo YongChao QingchenLi Jiming participated the talks.

21.  October 30, Dr. Dong Wenjie chaired report-back meeting on progresses in dynamical climate system model development, Dr. Luo YongShi Weisan and the whole staff of Dynamical Climate Division attended the meeting.

22.  November 3, the third issue of «model development bulletin: Global Ocean Data Assimilation System» came out.

23.  December 3, symposium on the combination of dynamical and statistical prediction methods held in room 307 of NCC building, Chairs: Zhang GuocaiDong Wenjie, participants: staff of Dynamical Climate Division and Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Division.

24.  December 15-18, at the invitation of Dr. Qin Dahe, president of CMA, led by Dr. Guy Brasseur, German delegation of Max-Plank Institute of Meteorology visited CMA, and held the “CMA-MPI joint seminar on coupled earth system model and climate change” on December 15-16. NMC Director Zhang Guocai and Director Dong Wenjie attended the seminar.

25.  December 20, Dr. Dong Wenjie presided over the discussion on the framework of atmospheric model, Dr. Wu Tongwen, who is in charge of the working group of atmospheric model made a report, Dr. Li Weijing, Shi Weisan, Wang Lanning, Li Weiping, Zhang Hua and Dong Min attended the meeting.


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