Total : 68
No Subject Year
1 Changes of drought and flood disasters in southern China under the background of climate warming 2020
2 Impacts and adaptation of climate change in Beijing Tianjin Hebei megacities and Urban Agglomerations 2020
3 Multi-site daily precipitation stochastic simulation conditioned on circulation patterns 2020
4 Study on compilation of Climatic Atlas and climatic regionalization of China in recent 30 years 2020
5 Research on the causes and prediction methods of winter extreme cold events in Yunnan under the background of global warming (Grant No. U1902209) 2019
6 The Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition and Research (STEP) program (Grant No.2019QZKK0102) 2019
7 The influence of sea temperature mode cross-basin linkage process on the formation and evolution of ENSO (Grant No. 41776039) 2019
8 Study on the Relative Role of Predictable Sources in Extended-Range forecast (Grant No. 41475096) 2019
9 Study on the contributions of the Tibetan Plateau thermal forcing to the extended-range predictability (Grant No. 41875101) 2019
10 Development of Forest Fire Hazard Meteorological Grade Forecast Technology 2019
11 2019
12 2019
13 *National Key R&D Program of China (Grant number 2018YFC1505600). 2018
14 *National Key Research and Development Project (2017YFA0603701) 2017
15 Drought monitoring and assessment technology based on high resolution multi-source data 2017
16 Study on technical methods for risk assessment of regional extreme weather and climate events and meteorological disasters 2017
17 National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (2016YFA0602100) 2016
18 Gender Differentiation Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for The Impact of Meteorological Disasters 2016
19 Technical method and application of regional rainstorm and high temperature process evaluation 2016
20 The research on influence of intro-seasonal oscillation on china's main low frequency meteorological disasters and the methods of extended range forecasting 2015

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