Total : 68
No Subject Year
1 Research on short duration heavy rainfall and rainstorm disasters in urban areas 2015
2 Research and Construction of Operational System on Climate Extremes 2015
3 Climate monitoring in the Three Gorges reservoir area 2015
4 The Third Tibetan Plateau Scientific Experiment: Observations for Boundary Layer and Troposphere (Grant No.GYHY201406001) 2014
5 The change of multi-factor interaction and its influence on the drought and flood disaster in southern China under global warming. 2013
6 *Special Research Fund of Public Welfare Project (Meteorology: GYHY201306033) 2013
7 Multi-model super ensemble and regional downscaling Approaches 2013
8 Key technology of climate effect analysis and evaluation for Three Gorges Reservoir 2013
9 *The National Basic Research Development (973) program of China (Grant No. 2012CB417205) 2012
10 *The Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Grant No. XDA20100304) 2010
11 *China Special Foundation for Meteorological Research (Grant No.GYHY201006038) 2010
12 *National Program on Key Basic Research Project (2010CB428401) 2010
13 Major National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) on Global Change (2010CB951900) 2010
14 The integrated application of continuous abnormal signal recognition and forecasting technology 2009
15 *International Cooperation Program of Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2009DFA23010) 2009
16 *National Science and technology support(Grant No.2009BAC51B02) 2009
17 *"11.5" National Science & Technology Supporting Program (2009BAC51B00) 2009
18 Research on multi-scale features and prediction methods of summer drought/flood over Huang-huai region under global warming conditions 2008
19 Application study of several multi-model ensemble approaches in seasonal precipitation prediction 2008
20 Atmospheric Pollution Control of the Prime Minister Fund 2008

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