Department Introduction

Eco-Climate Assessment Division, established in August 2019 to tap into the synergy between ecology and remote sensing, has a team of eight researchers led by XIAO Fengjin. Its mandatory functions are:
-Routine operation of ecology and remote sensing programs of the China Meteorological Administration
-Development and application of ecological and satellite remote sensing products
-Ecological environment monitoring, assessment, prediction and projection;
-Assessing eco-climate carrying capacity and ecosystem services of China;
-Assessing the impact of climate change and extreme events on the ecological environment;
-Ecology and remote sensing technology R&D;
-Construction of key ecological and remote sensing projects;
-Ecological and remote sensing services for decision-makers and various walks of life;
-Technical support and operation guidance for provincial business units.

Operations and Techniques

1. The integrated long time-series historical and real-time remote sensing datasets of 30m since 1986 and 250m, 500m and 1km since 2000 have been established nationwide, enabling monthly (seasonal/annual) dynamic monitoring and historical evaluation of country (province, city, and county)-based ecological elements.
2. Ecological models able to do monthly, seasonal and annual GPP and NPP calculations have been developed and used to assess the climate ecological carrying capacity.
· Climate production potential model
-Miami model
-Thornthwaite model
-Chikugo model
· Light energy utilization model based on Remote Sensing
-TGR model
-CASA model
· Process model of Ecosystem Mechanism
-CEVSA model
-AVIM model

Expert team
Undertake project

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