Department Introduction

The Operational System Development and Maintenance Division (OSDMD) addresses climate operational needs, aiming to improve the supporting capacity of climate operation and enhance scientific research services. Its mandatory functions cover:
- development, promotion and maintenance of national climate operational systems,
- climate data research and climate service,
- NCC information and network security.

Operations and Techniques

1. Development, promotion and maintenance of climate operational systems
OSDMD is responsible for improving the new version of CIPAS, integrating it into the meteorological big data cloud platform, upgrading the algorithm library, and promoting the standardization of climate products.
With the accomplishment of first phase of the Marine Project, it has put the marine climate monitoring and prediction system roughly in place, and compiled the marine climate atlas of the Maritime Silk Road.
OSDMD has set up a number of climate operational systems, such as the Climate Change Impact Assessment and Service System, Product Pool of Smart Climate Center, Climate System Monitoring, Diagnosis, Prediction and Evaluation(CMDP), and the Websites of National Climate Center and Beijing Climate Center. They have played an important role in climate monitoring, prediction, etc.
2. Construction of climate special database
OSDMD promotes the construction of climate specific databases, enriches data and products, optimizes service interfaces, and provides data support for all kinds of climate operational systems of NCC.
3. Climate data research and development
OSDMD develops climate date set and provides climate data services according to the requirements of the decision-making services in NCC.
4. Network and information security
OSDMD strengthens network and information security in NCC, and carries out activities to ensure daily network and information security.
5. Maintenance of climate operational system
OSDMD effectively ensures the safe and stable operation of CIPAS, NCC website, Beijing Climate Center (BCC) website, climate change impact assessment and service system, second-generation seasonal climate prediction model system and other operational systems, as well as the operation and maintenance of office equipment in NCC.

Expert team

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