Department Introduction

Climate Services Division delivers climate services to decision-makers, various sectors of life, and the general public. Its mandatory functions cover:
(1)Monitoring and evaluating basic climate elements, key processes and extreme climate events;
(2)Updating climate monitoring and evaluation information;
(3)Developing climate monitoring and service indicators; and techniques, methodologies and tools for climate monitoring and service evaluation;
(4)Building upon relevant professional standards and technical specifications;
(5)Preparing integrated climate and climate change analysis reports critical to decision-making within the State Council and its departments;
(6)Preparing, releasing and managing climate service products for the general public;
(7)Offering technical support for China’s climate service system;
(8)Providing regional and provincial meteorological departments with service guidance products and technical support;
(9)Coordinating climate education, training and outreach activities.

Operations and Techniques

CSD aligns its work priorities to the national strategies of ecological development and disaster prevention and mitigation while keeping an eye on major weather and climate processes and climate hotspots. They are:
(1)Timely updates of Climate Message, Rolling Forecasts, thematic and special reports, monthly press conferences, etc.;
(2)Better decision-making oriented services and emergency response services for major natural disasters and major activities;
(3)Complete news story interviews;
(4)BCC WeChat updates;
(5)Annual publication of China Climate Bulletin and selection and announcement of Top Ten Weather and Climate Events.

Expert team
Undertake project
Scientific research achievements

National Standard of the People's Republic of China. Grades of surface air temperature assessment.GB/T 35562—2017

National Standard of the People's Republic of China. Cold Winter Grade. GB/T 33675—2017

National Standard of the People's Republic of China. Warm Winter Grade. GB/T 21983—2008

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