Department Introduction

The Meteorological Disaster Risk Management Division (RMD) was established in 2016. Its mandatory function covers meteorological disaster risk monitoring, (pre-) assessment, zoning, as well as sector-, industry- and project-specific impact assessment.
Currently, it has 21 full-time employees: 6 research professors and 12 research associate professors.

Operations and Techniques

Major Operations and Research Orientations:
(1)Establishing identification index for regional meteorological disaster events and conducting integrated assessments on disaster events from the dimensions of disaster impact area, intensity and duration;
(2)Building disaster risk (pre-) assessment models based on historical disaster situations and disaster-causing factors, and conducting pre-assessment, process tracking, post-assessment for all disaster events by taking together forecast data on different time scales;
(3)Using impact assessment models to evaluate the impact of meteorological disaster events on specific sectors, industries and key projects.

Expert team

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