Department Introduction

Division of Climate Change Impact and Adaptation was established in 2021. It is responsible for climate change impact assessment, risk analysis and adaptation, involving the assessment of climate change impact on natural ecosystems and socio-economic systems, the establishment of sub-seasonal to inter-decadal early warning services climate change risks in the aspects as water resources, ecology and agriculture, and social systems, and the suggestion of climate change adaptation strategies in key regions and industries.

Operations and Techniques

Major Operations and Research Orientations:
1. Water resources: Carry out water resource prediction and risk warning in key river basins across the country on muti-timescales; Establish key indicators for risk assessment of water resources and extreme hydrological events caused by climate change; R&D a water resource impact prediction, prediction and risk assessment system based on the climate prediction models and hydrological models; Establish technical solutions for water resources to adapt to climate change for key areas.
2. Eco-agricultural change: Carry out real-time monitoring, prediction and assessment of key terrestrial ecological indicators; Develop impact-based early warning methods for ecological risks; Assess the carbon sequestration capacity of terrestrial ecosystems; Conduct assessments of the climate change impact on the growth, yield and quality of major crops; Formulate effective methods for agricultural adaptation to climate change in different regions.
3. Social system change: Explore the quantitative assessment of the climate change impacts on human health; Carry out research on the impact of climate change on the operation and maintenance of mega-city agglomerations; Establish demonstrations and standards for climate-adaptive city application.

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