Department Introduction

Climate System Modelling Division (CSMD) is focused on developing and using Earth system models for improved understanding and prediction of all aspects of the climate system, including the atmosphere, ocean, land, ice and their interactions with the ecosystem. The coupled climate models of BCC-CSM1.1 (T42) and BCC-CSM1.1m (T106) released in 2012 participated in CMIP5. Since late 2017, new model versions have been released to perform simulations proposed by CMIP6, including the medium-resolution BCC-CSM2-MR (T106), high-resolution BCC-CSM2-HR (T266) and the Earth System Model BCC-ESM1.0.

Operations and Techniques

The BCC Climate Prediction System version 2 (BCC-CPS2) is composed of the atmospheric component of BCC-CSM1.1m used in the second-generation Dynamical Extended-Range Forecasting system (DERF2), and the fully coupled BCC-CSM1.1m used in the second-generation seasonal forecasting system.
The intermediate version between BCC-CSM1.1m and BCC-CSM2- MR used in the first phase of the subseasonal-to-seasonal prediction project (S2S) before the end of 2019 has been replaced by a high-resolution BCC-CSM2-HR and played a part in the S2S phase II.
Currently, a seamless climate prediction system (BCC-CPS2) is being developed based on BCC-CSM2-HR.

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