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1 Summarization and Commendation Meeting of Local Climate Monitoring in the Three Gorges Convened in Yichang 2004-10-24
2 Annual Meeting of Open Lab. for Climate Studies Convened 2004-10-24
3 nnual Academic Meeting of NMC Convened 2004-10-24
4 Common Workshop between CMA and MPI-M Convened in NMC 2004-10-24
5 NMC Actively Participated in Annual Meeting of CMA 2004-10-24
6 Weather Forecasting Office Attended the National Communication of Meteorological Forecasting and Early Warning on Geologic Disasters in China 2004-10-24
7 Mr. Michel Jarraud Visited CMO 2004-10-24
8 Mr. Liu Changle Visited NMC 2004-10-24
9 Short News 2004-10-24
10 Will the Earth Freeze "the Day after Tomorrow" 2004-10-24
11 First EAC Meeting on China CSM Research Convened 2004-10-24
12 The CMA National Key Project Won the First Class Award of State Scientific and Technological Progress 2004-10-24
13 Review of Anomalous Climate Events in China during 2003 2004-10-24

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